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Better Call Saul #9

Context: Nacho is trying to convince Tuco to let go of Jimmy and his two red-headed clients. But Tuco is crazy.

Tuco: They disrespected my abuelita.

Spanish Subtitle: Le faltaron el respeto a mi abuelita.


They use “faltar” quite a bit in Spanish, and different than we use “to fault” most of the time.

“Faltar” -- no matter how many different ways it’s translated in English, always has SOMETHING to do with its central, core idea: to lack

faltar = to lack

So when Tuco told Nacho that Jimmy and the boys “disrespected” his abuelita... What’s another way to say “disrespect”? To lack respect! And that’s what “faltar el respeto” means -- “to lack the respect”.

Le faltaron el respeto a mi abuelita
= They lacked respect to my grandmother

Try to get used to the way they use “faltar” -- always meaning “to lack” but translated many different ways.

Nos falta uno
= We’re missing somebody
= We’re losing by one point
= We’re short $1
= We’re lacking one of something

Nos faltan dos
= We’re missing two people
= We’re losing by two points
= We’re short $2
= We’re lacking two of something


Le faltaron el respeto a mi abuelita.

= They lacked respect to my little grandma.

= They disrespected my abuelita.

Any questions? About this issue or any others? Ask away!