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Peaky Blinders #10


Context: That’s Solomon, a crazy dude on Peaky Blinders (Netflix series). The Italian mafia came to visit him--and he was acting crazy (as always).

Original English: NONE! The mafia guy spoke in Italian.

Spanish Subtitles: Así es él.

only issue: Así

“Así” means “in this way” but can be used for a million different words/phrases in English.

When they say “así es él”--regardless of how specifically you translate it--they’re saying “that’s how he is”.

So I guess in this case, “así” means “that’s how”.

And just for fun, I switched the subtitles to English--to see what the English subtitlers chose!

Answer: “That’s the way he is!”

And “that’s the way he is” is almost exactly the same thing as “that’s how he is”.