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Peaky Blinders #8


CONTEXT: This woman invited somebody to a party. The invited person asked why (it was to kill him). The woman first answered, “Not exactly forgiveness”... Then she said:

ORIGINAL ENGLISH: But something like that.


Only issue: Así

“Así” means “in this way”.

But that’s just the central, core idea of “así”.

We say tons of different stuff in English when they say “así” in Spanish.

One of the most common is, “like that”.

In this scene, the subtitlers heard “like that” and decided “así” was the way to go.

And I agree!

I love “así”. Such a teeny word, but it packs a powerful message.

“Algo así”--those words together, that’s a very common pairing/phrase.

“Algo así” means “something like this/that”.

Then, “pero” is the preposition, “but”.

But something like that.
(Pero algo así.)

Nice, easy one today.

Any questions?