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Arrested Development #3

Context: Michael is yelling at (scolding) his mother.

English: I don’t want you charging any more of your personal expenses to the company.

Spanish: Ya no quiero que cargues tus gastos personales a la compañía


When you DON’T want somebody to do something, that’s still a desire!

A desire they DON’T do something.

That’s why, “I don’t want you charging...” would be “no quiero que CARGUES...” (“cargar” in the subjunctive).

Affirmative/negative statements are an issue in the subjunctive, but not with desires.

All desires for somebody else to do something (or not to do something) use the subjunctive.


The verb “gastar” means “to spend”.

So it’s not surprising (and kinda nice) that “gastos” are “expenses”.


gastar = to spend

gastos = expenses

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